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Post-Construction Cleanup for Your Business Remodel

A remodel is a daunting task for businesses of all sizes, but the benefits of this process are well worth the effort involved. To get the most from your company's remodel, you must plan out every facet of the project from start to finish, including cleanup.
After the final nail is hammered into the wall and the last panel installed on the floor, a successful reopen rests heavily on proper cleanup and site prep. Pair with a professional site cleanup company to ensure you're on the right side of success.
Reduced Downtime
Depending on the magnitude of the remodel project, a business can experience downtime that spans from a few days to a few months. In the business world, every second that a company is not up and operating equates to lost revenue.
A professional site cleanup company will reduce the amount of downtime your company experiences post construction.
Your employees may not be equipped to tackle the project, and you likely don't have the necessary tools. With this type of scenario, a project that should only take a day or two can spiral into weeks. If you've budgeted for downtime, a professional will work to stay on target and keep you on budget.  
Enhanced Safety
Construction site cleanup is an especially dangerous task, particularly from a respiratory aspect. Silica dust generated from cutting or breaking concrete, particles from old insulation, and other debris are all introduced into the air during the construction process, all of which are easy to inhale.
For a person without respiratory concerns, inhaling these particles can cause irritation and other complications and for those with respiratory concerns, the consequences are severe. Depending on the age and condition of the building, mold spores may have also been introduced into the air during the remodel, which are equally hazardous.
Large pieces of waste and debris may also lead to dangerous accidents if not handled correctly. A professional crew works with safety in mind.
Cleanup Compliant
Indiana has clear management guidelines for potentially harmful waste, including construction debris. The first phase of this compliance involves appropriately identifying your waste, such as toxic waste or ignitable waste. Upon classification, you must follow specific procedures for containing the waste while still on-site and during transport to the waste collection area.
Failure to comply with these guidelines may subject your company to expensive fines and other penalties. Post-construction professionals understand how to classify, store, handle and transport waste the right way to ensure your organization remains compliant, but more importantly, to keep the community safe.
Fewer Manpower Hours
The winning formula for business success is simple - spend less than you earn. While the theory is simple, execution is often the challenge. Hiring a professional for your post-construction needs can help you work toward this goal. For the inexperienced and ill-equipped, the length of a cleanup project extends significantly.
If you're relying on your team members to perform this task, this increase in time means increased workforce needs. This increase in manpower may include additional temporary employees or longer hours for your current team, including overtime, which are both costly.
Professionals are equipped and prepared to tackle the job in a fraction of the time it would take your team to help you cut down on labor expenses.
Whether you're a service or goods-based business, your customers undoubtedly come to you for your experience and expertise. Keep this same train of thought at the forefront when it comes to your postconstruction cleanup needs and partner with a professional.
At W R Beach, Inc., we have the knowledge and the experience to meet all your site cleanup needs and get you back in business as quickly as possible.

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